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1st CRT Management Services

Welcome to 1st CRT Management Services – Your Premier Gateway to Global Education and Career Excellence!  At 1st CRT, we are dedicated to offering top-notch education consultancy and study abroad expertise.


We expertly guide students to prestigious boarding schools and world-class universities in sought-after destinations like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Europe. Our mission is to pave your way to an enriching academic experience.

Experience real-world scenarios with our Virtual Internship Programs, tailored to equip you for a successful global career. Dive into international cultures and opportunities through our Live & Work Abroad Seminars.

Explore diverse educational pathways at our Education Events & Exhibitions, and elevate your career with our Education Jobs and Recruitment Services, connecting you to exciting opportunities in the education sector.

Our Learning Centre offers customized pathways to university readiness, ensuring a smooth transition to higher education. No matter where you are, 1st CRT Management Services provides unmatched guidance and opportunities for your educational journey.

And don't miss our radio show, "Education Today with 1stCRT"

Every Monday at 2:30 pm on Nigeria Info 99.3FM Lagos.

This engaging talk show covers All Things Education, offering

insights, trends, and discussions that matter to you.

Start your journey with 1st CRT Management Services

Where we turn your educational dreams into reality!

Unlock Your Future with
1st CRT Management 

 Study Abroad Made Accessible: Whether you're in Nigeria or anywhere around the globe, exploring study abroad options has never been easier. Register with 1st CRT Management Services to unlock unmatched opportunities and expert guidance. We are committed to securing your academic and professional future.​

Virtual Internship Programs for Real-World Experience: Our innovative Virtual Internship Programs are designed to offer practical work experience, equipping students with the essential skills for global career success. These programs are a stepping stone to understanding and thriving in a competitive, international work environment.

​Live & Work Abroad Seminars: Your Window to the World Discover the world of international opportunities through our Live & Work Abroad Seminars. Gain valuable insights and first-hand advice on how to effectively navigate and succeed in diverse global settings.​


Education Events & Exhibitions: Explore, Learn, Grow Partake in our wide array of Education Events & Exhibitions. These platforms provide an expansive view of various learning paths, helping you explore and identify the educational journey that resonates most with your aspirations.​

Education Jobs and Recruitment Services: Elevate Your Career Aiming for career advancement? Our Education Jobs and Recruitment Services are here to help you discover and secure your next role in the education sector. We connect talent with opportunity, fostering career growth and professional development.​

Tailored Pathways to Universities at Our Learning Centre: Our Learning Centre is dedicated to preparing you for university success. We offer tailored pathways and comprehensive support to ensure you are thoroughly university-ready, paving the way for academic excellence.


  • Administration

  • Business Consulting & Management

  • Education and Teaching

  • Healthcare & Social Care

  • Hospitality

  • Marketing, Advertising and PR

  • Transport and Logistics


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